Long-term Missing Children

Long-term missing children cases are those in which all viable leads have been thoroughly investigated, but the child has not been recovered.  Just because a case remains unsolved for many years does not make it less important to the families or F3MCIA. Many prefer to call these types of cases “Cold Cases”, leaving little hope for the families of the missing children. Our goal at F3MCIA is to eliminate the term “Cold Case” from our lexicon because to F3, no case is cold.

Thankfully, most missing children cases are resolved in a short amount of time. Endangered runaways are typically rescued in an average of 2 months. Long-term missing cases tend to be family abduction cases which often last at least a year or more. F3MCIA has some of the most experienced and talented analytical and intelligence centric minds in the industry working each case to ensure that no case is cold.

Long-term missing child cases are one of the most difficult and dynamic investigations facing law enforcement and investigators alike. Unfortunately, these cases can go on for years, prolonging the pain for the family and increasing the pressure for the investigators involved. Working every lead, finding new threads to pull, and incorporating 21st century tools is paramount in keeping cases active and most importantly, reuniting families. Your support helps us to improve investigative technologies, techniques, and efforts to help in the fight for the children to long-term missing children investigations.


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