F3 MCIA is launching Operation Jolly Roger to locate and rescue children caught in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. Teams of former Intelligence and Special Operations veterans are deploying forward to deliver children out of the war zone and to safety. War zones and Humanitarian crisis are used by traffickers to collect children in mass for human trafficking. Our objective is to locate and recover these children before they can be taken and exploited. Please support our operations with the donate button.


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If you are a U.S. citizen and know of a missing relative that is a minor in Ukraine and already holds U.S. citizenship, or are looking to sponsor a missing relative who is a minor in Ukraine for relocation to the United States if they can be located, please use the submission button.

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Why We Are The Best

F3 Missing Children’s Intelligence Agency is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to reunite families with their children. We utilize analysts and investigators with unique backgrounds spanning various military and civilian intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The training these analysts and investigators possess allows them to utilize methods normally employed to locate terrorists and criminals in an effort to help reunite you with your child.

Key categories of missing children

Family Abductions

A Family Abduction occurs when a child is taken, wrongfully retained, or concealed by a parent or other family member depriving another individual of their custody or visitation rights. These are both one of the most common, and highest risk type of missing children’s cases.

Endangered Runaways

An Endangered Runaway is a minor who goes missing on their own accord and whose whereabouts are unknown to their legal guardian. These children are highly vulnerable to trafficking and homelessness, with an estimated 1 in 6 children being sex trafficked.

Our No Fail Mission

The world’s greatest detectives from within the U.S. Intelligence and Special Operations Community have adapted their skill sets towards a new mission, locating and recovering missing children. Proprietary methodology and technology, along with 24/7 operations allows our organization to supplement and aid law enforcement in ensuring that someone is always looking, and that no case is ever cold.

Utilize The Best Detectives in the World

We believe every child’s life is priceless.