We ensure that No Case Is Cold!

No parent should be left without answers and no missing child’s case should be forgotten.

U.S. Missing Children
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Our No Fail Mission

The F3 Foundation has made it their mission to ensure that every missing child case in the United State’s is continually reevaluated by the world’s best investigators using the most modern methods and technology. Join us in changing the way missing children’s cases are solved. Help us reunite families!

Key categories of missing children

Family Abductions

A Family Abduction occurs when a child is taken, wrongfully retained, or concealed by a parent or other family member depriving another individual of their custody or visitation rights. These are both one of the most common, and highest risk type of missing children’s cases.

Endangered Runaways

An Endangered Runaway is a minor who goes missing on their own accord and whose whereabouts are unknown to their legal guardian. These children are highly vulnerable to trafficking and homelessness, with an estimated 1 in 6 children being sex trafficked.

Utilize The Best Detectives in the World

We believe every child’s life is priceless.