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We want to change the way missing children’s cases are investigated by giving law enforcement the latest technology and analytical methodologies, while working alongside them to reopen missing children’s cold cases. We will never rest until every child is reunited and every family has closure. We ensure that NO CASE IS COLD.

Action Plan

The F3 Foundation’s objective is to reduce the number of missing children’s cases that go cold every year by over 80%. We do this by training law enforcement on modern analytical targeting methods developed by the Special Operations and Intelligence Community over the last 20+ years of counter terrorism operations. Furthermore, we aim to develop a first of its kind intelligence tool utilizing distributed ledger technology for all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States in an effort to solve the systemic intelligence sharing problem between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Former JSOC Human Targeting Officer

Leveraging Our Past To Change The Future

Richard Ring has spent more than 15 years working within the Special Operations and Intelligence Community as a Human Targeting Officer and Intelligence Analyst hunting the worst of the worst around the world. In 2014 fresh from a deployment, Richard was asked by law enforcement to assist in locating a missing child. In a matter of hours, Richard and two fellow intelligence analysts were able to successfully narrow down the location of the minor from over four states away. In that moment Richard understood that methods used to hunt terrorist overseas could be repurposed to locate missing children here at home.

In 2018, Richard left active duty to create the F3 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and set off on recruiting only the best investigators consisting of former U.S. Intelligence Officers, Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement, and Federal Prosecutors. While operating in the shadows for the first five years, Richard and his team were able to successfully prove their concept. In those short five years, the F3 Foundation has reassessed 2000+ cases, directly located 44x children, assisted in locating 140x, developed advanced courses in analytics for law enforcement, and aided in the recovery of over +100x children from Russian controlled territory within Ukraine.  

The organization will continue to utilize its diverse talent to tackle the nearly +500K annual missing children’s cases, while training law enforcement in their methods and giving them the tools to succeed. Unlike many non-profits, the F3 Foundation looks forward to a day when they are no longer needed. Help us get there by contributing to our righteous mission.


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Operational Leadership

Richard C. Ring

Founder / CEO

Fmr JSOC Intelligence Officer

Daniel Ruiz

Chief of Operations

Fmr Air Force Intelligence and DEA Financial Analyst

Zachary Hunter

Chief Financial Officer

Sr Financial Analyst (Fortune 10)
Fmr Air Force Intelligence
BS; Finance, MBA; Finance/Strategy

Alex B.

Chief of Analysis

MS; Digital Forensics

Jim Delia

Chief of Investigations


Randall Urena

Chief Technology Officer

Fmr 3rd Group Special Forces Communications Specialist

Joshua Garay

Director of Strategy

Fmr CIA and NCTC Officer

Darrell Staebler

Chief Information Officer

Fmr Florida Hospital Association Data Analyst

Legal / Compliance

Carlos Perez

Legal Council

Assistant United States Attorney Ret

Missing Child Intelligence Sharing DApp Team

Samuel Armes

Distributed Ledger Technology Innovator

Founder: Florida Blockchain Business Association
BS; Finance / BA; Economics

Jeannette Spaulding

Distributed Ledger Technology Innovator and Executive

CEO Tokenwise
MS; Finance / Strategy

Darrell Butler

Major Case Unit; FCSO Detective

MS; Criminal Justice

Advisory Board

Dr. Sonia Nguyen

Healthcare Advisor

Trevor Barthel

Special Advisor

Zach Hunter

Special Advisor

Jing Tao

CEO, The Tao Foundation

Tom Angus

Special Advisor

Tim Armendinger

President World Health Exchange

Richard T. Ring

Director of Special Projects